GEOe-View 7.1

It is an application designed for viewing and printing graphical database files
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Using the free GOEe-View program as a plug-in to your Internet Explorer web browser will provide you with an extra toolbar menu that gives you additional functionality from within your Internet Explorer interface, although it can be run as a standalone application. The program will allow you to load streamed in VUF update files, open and view ODF, OIF and GDF files as well as permit you to access linked data files, reports and related documentation without leaving your browser. The plug-in's zoom feature allows you to zoom in or out of a displayed page using fixed increments, a zoom to rectangle option, or user-defined percentages that are greater than 10%.

You can print continuous logs using GEO-eView without any page breaks on any printer that will handle continuous printing and you have the option to print any colored logs viewed in monochrome. This web-based application will allow you to do most of the viewing and printing features relating to graphical database files or ODF files that the full version does, except that you can only open and view files that the file authors have made e-viewable, and you won't be able to upload VUF update files or export or edit data.

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  • Can be used as a plug-in for your browser


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